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At Stewart G. Einwohner, P.C., we understand that our success not only depends on our familiarity with changes in the business world and evolution of the law that governs those changes, but also a dedicated involvement with the community. We continually strive to keep abreast of new and innovative legal developments, partake in speaking engagements for the benefit of other industry professionals, as well as sponsor presentations targeted towards members of the community. We have been members in many prestigious business and professional organizations including local and national bar associations and chambers of commerce.

New York Location

106 West 32nd Street, Suite 152
New York, NY 10001
TEL +212.221.7635
FAX +866.770.7414

European Location

Piazza Santa Maria Beltrade, 2
20123 Milan, Italy
TEL +39 02 8695146
FAX +39 02 8056016