About the Firm | Overview

Our primary area of practice has been in business law, yet our versatility has enabled us to represent the individual with equal ability. The majority of companies we have represented are in the construction, real estate development, and investment industries. Our clientele has been diverse, ranging from large industry and multinational corporations to smaller startups and family operated businesses.

Our attorneys are licensed in multiple jurisdictions and we have fluency in various languages. On a daily basis we counsel clients on the wide spectrum of legal issues they encounter. We possess many areas of expertise and are able to bring varying perspectives to any issue we review. Our abilities and efforts are focused to solve the problem by fashioning a solution that is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

We take a cross-disciplinary approach when negotiating any transaction or resolving any matter, regardless of its size. Through the use of pre-litigation counseling and alternate dispute resolution we can assist our clients in avoiding or resolving problems in advance of protracted and expensive litigation.

We take great pride in being able to meet the ever changing needs of the business community. Our mission remains unchanged, the preservation of both the quality of our practice and our personal approach. Our growing list of clients and the longevity of our relationships is a reflection of our success to date.

New York Location

106 West 32nd Street, Suite 152
New York, NY 10001
TEL +212.221.7635
FAX +866.770.7414

European Location

Piazza Santa Maria Beltrade, 2
20123 Milan, Italy
TEL +39 02 8695146
FAX +39 02 8056016